Getting this gay ass ready for punishment

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It must feel glorious to have these two sexy studs all in your control. Watch their Master administer some kinky discipline having them on their knees, wearing nothing but boots, their wrists tied up and raised well above their backs. The sight is sweet, but it’s time to move on to different pleasures. Using one of the slaves as his helper, he fastens the other mantoy to the bar and some filthy anal play ensues. The Master even goes hi-tech with this inflatable pump!

Title: Getting this gay ass ready for punishment

Duration: 2:00

Category: Euro Gay BDSM

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Euro Gay BDSM

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  1. By: tie-me-up-torture-me-whip-me

    I am a male and have been fantasizing for a long time about being tied up! Can you please help me to finally fullfill these fantasies into reality and get me firmly bound and to take pictures / videos of this??
    I would really like to be tied very tightly, with me in several (painful) postures and ways bound.
    – So I want to be bound in a very good hogtie (with ropes), with my elbows also tied together and with my arms pulled over my legs, till my heels are in my neck.
    – Also wearing only swimming trunks, I love my arms and legs to be tightly tied together at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles and that I am lashed between two trees or poles like a hammock.
    – Another way is that my legs sitting cross-legged (knees on the other leg only) are tied, then my arms turned on my back till my wrists are pressing against each other at my neck and tied tightly together this way. After this, I am forced to
    lean forward as far as I possibly can and than ropes are tied to my legs, pulled over my back and pulled around my arms tightly.
    – I would also like lying on the ground, lashed between four stakes moored into the ground, with widely spread arms and legs.
    – Getting my arms tied on my back and be hoisted up this way.
    – That one is forcing me from a sitting posture with my legs (widely) spread to bend over, and to put my arms beneath the spread legs. Than my legs getting pulled and pushed together onto my back and thus the ankles tied together.
    After this my arms being pulled around my legs onto the back and also been tightly bound together (from wrist to elbows). Then I be hoisted up by my ankles.
    – My arms are tied at the back and then a hoisting rope goes around my upperbody just underneath my armpits and knotted up in the middle of my back between the arms / shoulders into a loop and thus hoisted up.
    – Being tied in between two poles / trees with arms spread wide and than tied in the same way at my legs, so they come in a (painfull) split.
    Of course I can be tickled, tortured with ice, hit with rolled-up newspapers, rattan sticks, whips, punches, knees bumping into scrotum or something during the time I’m tied up.
    Please help me to carry it out!


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